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12 months. 12 tribes. 12 Hikes

Did you know that each of the 12 tribes correspond to a month of the year? , a region of Eretz Israel, a natural stone, and a different sense of the body?
Did you Know there is a whole world full of secrets and opportunities for your personal growth behind the 12 tribes?

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Jewish outdoors

In the present moment, there is a very big gap between nature and Jewish culture. There are some people who like to be outdoors but don’t have any historical consciousness, others who just miss the opportunity to be in nature due to an urban lifestyle. There is a lack of knowledge of how to express our human potential by just being outdoors in contact with nature.

did you know?

  • A scientific study revealed that a 20 minutes walk in nature increases by 20% the memory performance.
  • Several studies around the world reveal that wilderness therapy increases happiness and reduces stress .
  • In Israel, an 8.5 million inhabitants country, there are more than 30 political parties. This reveals in one perspective the fragmentation of the nation.

The new era

Perhaps it’s time to reset all the boundaries and separations we made for Am Israel until now and discover a new way to relate between us, maybe by walking and learning from nature, and understanding the 12 tribes deeply  we will make space to believe that even if we have different characteristics we are part of something bigger  .The secret of our power is to understand that we are part of a totality.  So let us invite you to Shebet Haaretz master program:

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Hiking Tribe Lands is about exploring our native human condition as Jews in the land of Israel.
We designed 12 different experiences, each one related to a tribe, a month and a portion of the land each tribe received.
Every encounter is composed with the opportunity to have an encounter with different people, flavors, sounds, sensations and nature around Israel, and most amazing with our inner self
And much more:



Meditation or Prayer Time
Each according to their own way and belief


Learn techniques of “conscious walking” while enjoying geographical, historical, cultural, and spiritual explanations during your hike.


We will practice bettering group dynamics, learning to get to know each other, trust each other, and to really see one another.


Vegetarian poica, pitas made in a taboon, and plenty more surprises!


After dinner, sitting around our campfire, we will tell you the captivating tale of  the tribe and the month

The emphasis of each experience is to give practical tools to the participants to reveal the beauty of the land , to relive our history , and to rediscover ourselves today…

Are you ready to change the way we have been living for the past 2,000 years and be part of the reconstruction of am Israel with unity, understanding, consciousness and love?

OUR team

Hike. learn. encounter

We get together once a month for a meeting on the ancient estates of the tribes of Israel.Our trips on to these tribal lands are based on the deep knowledge transmitted from our ancestors and the principles of Jewish morality, which is our heritage, as well as practical tools for our modern lives.

General Information

  • Meeting at the designated meeting area is your responsibility
  • Includes meals
  • Instruction on a wide variety of topics,
  • Including biblical studies, Kabbalistic studies, Chassidut, Geography, Biology, and Ecology.
  • Discourse and sharing circles (for those who want) from a pleasant, containing and welcoming atmosphere
  • Meet and get to know Jews from different regions and different backgrounds

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