asher Experience

gathering with joy

Family and community have been always the greater sources of satisfaction. We might say that the satisfaction is never complete unless is related and directed to other people. Asher is the symbol of abundance, of satisfaction and joy. But the blessings of Yaakov and Moshe put him in co-relation with other tribes, as the sages explain: “He’ll be favored by his brothers– He would give them olive oil and they would give in return grains”. Asher must be involved in relationships in order to get full benefit of the blessings he got. 

The tribe of Asher is calling you into the western Galilee mountains, on a journey that will guide you to a new understanding of land of Israel, while the region tells you her story.

"מֵאָשֵׁר שְׁמֵנָה לַחְמוֹ וְהוּא יִתֵּן מַעֲדַנֵּי־מֶלֶךְ;"

Genesis 49:20


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