Gad Experience


To fully understand the right performance of a whole, you must focus on the parts that conform it. You should be able to define well each part distinctly and simultaneously understand the exact way they interact with each other. Only then you will notice how all the parts, as a composite are ready to impact the outside world. Gad is ready and prepared to serve the nation as guardians from other nations, because they have excellent performance by themselves, on the inside.   And Israel can leave his impact on the world only because all of its the parts work well and in symphony with each other.

The tribe of Gad is calling you into the Beit Shean valley, on a journey that will guide you to a new understanding of land of Israel, while the region tells you her story.

"גָּד גְּדוּד יְגוּדֶנּוּ וְהוּא יָגֻד עָקֵב;"

Genesis 49:19


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