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Many times we see people that are secluded from a social group. If we would assume that altogether they had a specific goal, we could assume seclusion endangers them and the whole and prevents them from achieving this goal. Reuven and Gad received their territories on the other side of the Jordan, finding themselves separated from the other tribes, but Menashe is the bridge that connects them to the rest. He has the broad vision, the deep understanding and the rich personality needed to contain them and to function as a bridge between them and the rest of Israel.

The tribe of Menashe is calling you into the Menashe forest, on a journey that will guide you to a new understanding of land of Israel, while the region tells you her story.

"וְהֵם אַלְפֵי מְנַשֶּׁה..."

Genesis 49:19


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