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Bar Mitzvah Journey

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Bar Mitzvah Journey

Bar Mitzvah Journey

MARCH 31st 2020 – APRIL 2nd 2020

Connect with the power of the relationship between Father and Son in an Outdoors experience in the Galil

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The Bar Mitzvah Journey is a project that aims to provide a meaningful experience and connection between father and son.

In different cultures around the world, it is customary to create initiation experiences for adolescent boys to provide them with tools and knowledge to help them fulfill their mission and discover their unique power. In the Jewish tradition the child becomes a ‘man’ at the age of 13, which means that from now on, he is accountable for his actions. From now on he has an active responsibility within society.

In the Bar Mitzvah period, the father represents a fundamental figure for his son, he plays a vital role in guiding him through maturity. The fast pacing modern culture we are part of usually does not allow us to be present in the development and mentoring the son needs in his transition to adulthood. Especially in these sensitive years, where his body and mind are filled with constant changes, the son needs guidance and a strong connection to his father.

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