about us
“Sometimes you need to encounter a stranger to discover your own tradition.”

Shebet Haaretz’s mission is to bring to life a comprehensive Jewish practice that is rooted in a deep understanding and connection to the Earth, the Jewish cyclical-calendar, and the ancient wisdom of the Torah. Through mirror-encounters with indigenous peoples and cultures around the world, our transformative expeditions teach you how to look at the world with the eyes of our ancestors, discover your place within the Jewish tradition, and become more connected to yourself, and your unique purpose.

who we are

We are a living global community; alive in movement, in learning, in exploration, in growth. We walk in the wilderness as our ancestors did, creating a global community that is deeply rooted in the ancestral wisdom and ethics of the Torah, which informs our encounters with the jungles, mountains, deserts, and vast plains of the world.

We seek to re-discover the ancient ways of our people, the Mitzvot, the ancient Jewish spiritual-technologies which teach us how to connect more deeply to ourselves, the world, and all the beings and peoples of the Earth. We are a community who believes that we are the descendants of a tradition of mystics and sages that guide us and call upon us to renew our responsibility as Guardians of the Planet.

We are a community that feels a deep connection to the Land of Israel, a beloved place of consciousness; our people’s sacred center; the soil of our oldest memories. With the voice of the Land whispering her teachings in our ears, we commit ourselves to a life of building bridges of Tikkun Olam; of mending the rifts that divide us, the relationship between humans and our planet.

core values/goals











By sharing Jewish wisdom in nature


We believe that in nature the opportunity of inner transformation is higher


Transformative experiences in the wilderness within a Jewish framework




Marcos has been exploring, learning, and teaching about the world´s natures and cultures for many years. As a graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, he has worked on Urbanism and Architecture research projects in Baja California Sur, focused on regenerative strategies for urban planning in arid lands. With a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies from Tel Aviv University in Israel, he has developed utopian theories about self-sufficiency based on biomimicry principles. He has given Seminars on Urban Projects at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Marcos has always been attracted to nature and outdoors life. It is in nature that he discovered his spirituality, awareness, and connection to Torah and Judaism. As such, Marcos dedicates himself to the study of the land of Israel through the wisdom contained in the ancient Jewish texts and the complexity of the Hebrew calendar.

This deep connection to Judaism through nature ultimately brought Marcos to make aliya (to immigrate) to Israel with his wife and three children. They currently live in Moshav Amirim in the Galil.


Co- Founder


Emilio Cohen has spent the last 20 years of his life exploring his inner and the outer worlds. Through long walks in the wilderness, coupled with the deep study of the sacred Jewish texts, Emilio ultimately found his main calling to share the light of Jewish wisdom with the people around him and the entire world.
Emilio studied philosophy at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico city. After a few years building his interpersonal skills in the business world he decided to adventure himself to the hills of The Land of Israel to get a permaculture certification. Months after that he got married to his wonderful wife.

Emilio has found that the best way to do his life mission is by bringing people into the wilderness, and there to share the practices and texts that he holds so dear. It was for these reasons that Emilio co-founded Shebet Haaretz.

Emilio recently made Aliyah and lives with his Wife and kids in the hills of the Upper Galilee.


Co- Founder